Empress Mo of Xi Xia

By | March 7, 2019

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Elixir of Power

The royal house of the Tangut Empire created an Elixir of Power which gave one who consumed it enormous strength and speed.

Sworn vassal to Genghis Khan, mighty Tangut warriors helped the Mongol army to destroy its powerful neighbour, the Westerm Liao. After the Liao campaign, Emperor Li Mo withdrew his troops and expelled the Mongol ambassador. Enraged Genghis Khan laid siege to the capital city.

According to legend, after the palace had fallen Empress Mo killed Genghis Khan and a hundred of his personal guards with her bare hands after consuming the last elixir. None of the royal house survived. Empress Mo took the formula of the elixir to her grave.

Grave robbers

Chen Shan could see that his men were shaken. They were shaking and were backing away from the open sarcophagus. These men were veterans hardened by twenty years of fighting nomads in this godforsaken desert. Anyone would follow his orders without question but fear?

Chen Shan instinctively drew his sword. Despite the sarcophagus was seven feet long, a beautiful girl not more than 4 feet tall lay in the sarcophagus. How old she was it was hard to tell but she could not have reached puberty yet. She looks like she had just fallen asleep.

Over her head is an oversized silver crown topped with an ornate phoenix and covered with pearls. She was dressed in an equally oversized robe. Over the robe was a corselet that appears to be made of Jadeite. Beside her was a four-sided jian that was one and a half foot long, a Chinese type of mace or truncheon also known as a sword breaker.

“Sir! Look!”

On the white scabbard were letters written in gold.

“Great State of White and Lofty, Empress Mo’s weapon”.

The girl sighed.

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