Solution to ‘error code 190’ on Google Play Store

By | November 28, 2018

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This is one solution for users who encounter problem installing apps downloaded on Google Play Store. It is an installation problem – I have no problem downloading. Apps that failed to install properly can be found on my Google Play Store library. The solution that worked for me is to give Google Play Store storage permission under system settings.


Not able to install an app that I downloaded on Google Play Store. Since it is an installation problem, not a downloading one, solutions referring to Wifi strength are wrong.

Code error 190 message on Google Play Store

Code error 190 message on Google Play Store

This is a Chinese role playing game based on Qing Dynasty politics. I use a Huawei Honor 6x mobile phone.

The most common solution googled up (including Google Product Forums) was clear cache for Google Play Store and Google Play services. It didn’t work. This solution below did.


Enable storage permission for Google Play Store

Step 1 go to ‘Settings’. Select ‘Apps & notifications’.

Step 1 goto settings

Step 1 go to ‘Settings’


Step 2 go to ‘Apps’.

Step 2 goto apps

Step 2 go to ‘Apps’


Step 3 go to ‘Google Play Store’.

Step 3 goto google play store

Step 3 go to Google Play Store


Step 4 go to ‘Permissions’.

Step 4 goto permissions

Step 4 go to ‘Permissions’


Step 5 enable ‘Storage’.

Step 5 enable storage permission

Step 5 enable permission for ‘Storage’

Sharing is caring!

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