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By | October 24, 2018

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Some ideas that could be expanded into a story. There are 5 characters. A well-liked young man who is missing since a traffic accident; body was not found. A young couple. Protagonist of this story and her father who is a shaman. Young man’s ghost appears and points to a spot/direction.

Woke up at 4.52am. I have very poor quality sleep. Waking up two to three times a night is a regular thing. Since I could not go back to sleep, I had to get up to note down this dream?idea before it slips out of my mind.


Setting, characters

The place is a local university. A small group 0f individuals are gathered for a briefing before the start of their post-graduate studies.

A and B are a couple who are well known in the student community. Both are members of the Taekwondo team. They attend this briefing dressed in their Taekwondo gi. A and B sport some tattoos. They appear to be very casual and laid back.

C is the protagonist in this story. Her father is a medium/shaman.

Focus of this story is D. He is notably absent at this briefing.


The missing?dead centre of this story?

Writing prompt, paranormalD was a foreigner who arrived in the country 10 years ago. He has since become a citizen of this country.

D signed on as an officer in the armed forces but took time out to get a degree. He is a star student who is well-liked by the student community. He graduated with sterling results but did not attend the graduation ceremony. Everyone is hoping that he will show up at the post-graduate briefing.

D was involved in a traffic accident at a major junction under an overpass. Did he die? His body was never found. The police refused to search. Why?

Did a driver kill D and dispose his body elsewhere? Was it a hit-and-run? If it was a hit-and-run, D could have gotten up despite he was seriously hurt but died somewhere nearby. The police could find D near the junction if they mounted a search.


Was that his ghost or a vision or him?

C encounters D at the same junction. She is anxious to know where D was all this time and why he did not turn up. D did not say a word. He merely points in a direction and then disappears in an instant. Is this D’s ghost or just a vision of him? Did he die? What will C find if she follows this lead?

Continue the story from here.

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