China’s strategic leadership in press forging – 3x 80,000-ton press forges!

By | January 22, 2018

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China possesses strategic technology in the aviation, electrical power and petrochemical industry second to none – it’s 3 units of 80,000-ton press forges!


Press forging leadership in the world

China is the world’s most technologically advanced country in at least one sector in the world – press forging!

This is because it has 3x 80000-ton press forges. A press forge is a gigantic machine used to shape metal. It is a critical component in the aviation, electrical power and petrochemical industry.

For example, critical aircraft parts such as the landing gear have to be produced to withstand tremendous stress. They have tobe forged from a single piece of metal – you simply can’t make several small pieces then weld them together. The bigger the aircraft, the larger the press forge required.

China's 80000-ton press forge in action

China’s 80000-ton press forge in action | Source

China found this out the hard way when it developed Shanghai Y-10 four-engined airliner in the 1970s. Critical components of the Y-10 was produced with a small press then welded together – the prototype was retired after test flying for 170 hours only.

Considered a strategic technology, China developed its indigenous 80,000-ton press forge. Now China is not operating one but three of these monsters!


Which countries operated these monsters?

  • USA has 4x 50,000-ton press forges.
  • France has a single 65,000-ton press forge.
  • Russia has 2x 75,000-ton press forge.
  • China has 3x 80,000-ton press forges in Kunshan, Yanliang and Deyang cities.


Strategic manufacturing competency

Very few countries have such a technological competency. Even when France builds the Airbus A380, various parts are developed and manufactured in Russia.

The large press is required for the construction of large aircraft components essential equipment. According to insiders, the large passenger aircraft in the world market, Airbus is so able to come from behind to produce the A380, an important factor is that it sought in the production of large forgings to the help of Russia, the molding of the A380 landing gear is in Russia 7.5 ten thousand tons presses.


When you read this piece ‘China and Russia Reach Agreement to Build New Wide-Body Airliner‘, think of China’s 80,000-ton press forge!

The Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (Comac) and Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) recently announced an agreement to begin full-scale development of a new wide-body airliner, according to Aviation WeekThe new jumbo jet is designed to carry 280 passengers, putting it in a similar class to the Boeing 787 and Airbus A330-900.

Manufacturing of the new aircraft will be split between Moscow and Shanghai. Russia will build the aircraft’s composite wings, engine pylons, and main landing gear. China will build the fuselage, horizontal and vertical stabilizers, nose cone, and nose landing gear. The airframe is expected to be at least 50 percent composites. The two aviation manufacturers plan to use a Rolls-Royce or General Electric engine at first, but CRAIC will consider switching to the Russian-built PD-35 engine for future variants. Russian and Chinese companies will have priority to supply the rest of the aircraft components.


Besides the 80000-ton press forge, China already has the blue prints for a 160,000-ton press forge that will soon go into production.

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