Major General in the PLA cuts off his arm to complete the mission

By | October 12, 2017

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A super brave 19-year old soldier of the People’s Liberation Army (China) cut off his arm to complete the mission. He is now a highly-decorated Major General.

When it comes to bravery and mission-dedication, even special forces can’t beat soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army.

The PLA is name for the armed forces of the People’s Republic of China. It is the world’s largest military force with over 2 million personal. Military service is compulsory by law but because of China’s immense over billion population, the armed forces are powered by volunteers – which explains why force motivation and dedication is so high in this true story.


The mission and nothing else

Ding Xiaobing is an officer of the PLA Military Police. Born in 1965 and promoted to Major General in 2015, he signed up for the army at the age of 18 in 1983 and took part in the Sino-Vietnamese War (1979 – 1990) as part of a recon force. He was wounded and lost his right arm on 30 October the following year.

In that incident, Ding was subduing a prisoner of war when a grenade landed beside him. Ding reached for the grenade but at that moment it exploded. When he came too, his first reflex was to grab the prisoner but to his horror, the shock wave from explosion had shattered his right arm up to the elbow. White bone was sticking. Ultra-dedicated to his mission, he managed to subdue the prisoner.

Major General Ding firing an AK with one arm


During his force’s extraction back to base, Ding’s now motionless right arm repeated got caught in the thick vegetation. Frustrated, the 19 year old Ding took out his bayonet and cut off his forearm. He tucked it into his belt hoping that it can be saved. At the end of a 4-hour movement back to camp, Ding had lost so much blood that he collapsed at the first sight of friendly forces. Medical personnel could not detect breathing, pulse nor blood pressure.


Superheroes don’t die, they become legend

Luckily for Ding, a fellow soldier who was cleaning this brave ‘KIA’ detected faint breathing. At the field hospital, a veteran surgeon cut a vein in his leg and pumped in 2.6 litres of plasma. After a 3-day effort, he was saved at the cost of his arm.

It’s a good thing China’s army doesn’t throw away it’s superheroes even when they are handicapped. As Mao Zedong once said “The People’s Army is invincible!” Ding is now a highly-decorated officer.

The one and only left-handed salute


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