Love the changes to Pins and Tulumbas with War Robots Update 2.9

By | June 2, 2017

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War Robots Update 2.9 changed rocket firing mechanism to Orkan-like simultaneous load-and-fire for Pinatas, Pins and Tulumbas. Works great. Negates Ancile Shield advantage. Makes rocket-armed robot setups like the Russian Death Button Griffin more effective.


War Robots Update 2.9 is now available on iOS.

This update is mostly about balance – a number of changes were made to existing weapons including Punisher and Gekko but mostly to rocket type weapons Orkan, Tulumbas, Pins and Pinatas.

I was apprehensive before this update because I am a major rocket user.  I even have some setpiece tactics developed for rocket-armed Griffins – see here my post on ‘Dead City‘. My tactics were working well before the update so from my point of view no news is good news.

This is a screencap of my hangar from late April. As you can see I use 2x Russian ‘Death Button’ Griffins armed with Tulumbas and Pins as well as an Orkan-Rogatka. 2.9 affects me big time.

My hangar - 3 Griffins, 1 Rogatka and 1 Ancilot

My hangar – 3 Griffins, 1 Rogatka and 1 Ancilot

War Robots Update 2.9 changes firing mechanism on Pins, Pinatas and Tulumbas to Orkan-type i.e. load and fire simultaneously. On paper this looks good but if it flopped, it would not be the first one and neither would it be the last.

After a couple of battles last night right after the update however and then some more today, I must say overall feeling was pretty good!


My thoughts about the update rocket firing

  1. Robots armed with Pinatas, Pins and Tulumbas are no longer sitting ducks while reloading.
  2. Russian Death Button Griffins now have a new lease of life.
  3. Firing rate while reloading might be slow but it negates a huge advantage Ancile Shields enjoy over rocket-armed robots. This is a tremendous boost in effectiveness and morale against Carnage and Ancilots as well as very fast shield equipped bots like Gareth and Galahad.
  4. Turns out load-and-fire-simultaneously is also pretty good against robots with machine gun types like Punisher. Punisher-armed opponent fires at me tat-tat-tat. I fire back pop-pop-pop. Think of a real life situation. Smug enemy from pillbox fires .50 caliber HMG at you, you fire back with automatic 40mm chain linked grenade launcher. LOL.
  5. There is supposed to be a 15% power up for Orkans. It doesn’t feel powered up at all. Some more testing is probably necessary.


Strategies post-Update 2.9

  • I am testing out a Tulumas-armed Rogatka. If Rogatka armed with Orkan is a blitzkrieg-like combo of speed and firepower, a Tulumbas-Rog would look like speedy-nasty with added range. For players who feel that War Robots was moving towards overemphasis on heavy (in a bad way) since the introduction of Lancelot and subsequently the heavy shooting Western bots like Butch, then a Tulumbas-Rog might be a move back towards clever witty play that emphasises movement, penetration and capturing beacons.
  • I am also testing out Galahad with 2x Pins and 1x Tulumbas. Galahad is also extremely fast like Rogatka so this is really about penetration and flanking. Picture stadium at Shenzhen map. Imagine hitting campers from beside and behind.


Additional note:

Gekko got buffed again with a 20% power up. This is what Pixonic says

Compared to other “camper” weapons Gekko is a relatively healthy one due to its non-bursty nature. Once Gekko focuses on you, you always have some time to react, either by quickly taking a cover or simply turning around, like: “Alright, definitely not going this way”.

On the flipside, this exact trait turns out to be the Gekko’s greatest weakness. It’s a weapon best suited for suppression, but what’s the point of it your opponent can simply ignore you? You bite like a thousand small lizards… which are taking turns one after another. It’ll probably be a while until these do any significant harm. Now Gekko turns into a slightly larger reptile.

Sounds alright to me except Gekko just had a 15% boost back in Update 2.5. If it enjoys such a power up within a short span, there must be something wrong with it so players are really not adopting it.


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