War Robots tactics: how to deal with shielded, fast-moving bots

By | May 15, 2017

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Tactics to deal with shielded robots like Lancelot; leading your shots for jumpers, fast movers like Rogatka. Tactics pretty good up to Expert League. I don’t know what the Champion’s League players are using. War Robots is a game by Pixonic.


Ancile Shield versus Thunder: Roll with the punch

What do you do when you encounter a Thunder-Lancelot, a Thunder-Leo or a Thunder-Carnage?

Thunder is a shotgun-like weapon. It’s unfair advantage is deadly firepower at very close range. If you are operating any robot with an Ancile shield, your unfair advantage is your temporary protection against Thunder.

From your adversary’s point of view, he will press his advantage by charging forward for maximum advantage to Thunder.

Your tactic: ‘roll with the punch’ by moving backwards. Maintain if not widen the distance between both bots. This will reduce his unfair advantage while emphasising your own unfair advantage over him.

Note: I have an Ancilot armed with Tarans. It is common to encounter Lancelots armed with Thunder and twin-Orkans. Rolling with the punch works very well. Occasionally I encounter Carnage armed with twin-Thunders bearing down on me. I find that at very close distance, fire from the pair of Tarans cannot focus or converge on a Carnage charging in at high speed. Roll with the punch by backing so that you can fire more accurately. While Thunder-Carnages are frighteningly effective, they can’t take much damage and Taran is the most effective weapon against Carnage.


2-0n-1 flanking with any Lancelot/Galahad

What do you do when you encounter robots that are shielded?

Lancelot and Galahad are robots armed with physical shields. These shields protect their frontal arc so the most effective way to attack them is from the rear or flanks.

Lancelot frontal arc

Lancelot frontal arc

In a 1-on-1 encounter especially between two robots of the same kind, it becomes a silly time-wasting ‘who-is-higher-level’ duel. If you have a teammate with you, this is how you can play to put your teammate in a more effective role.

Tactic A: Lancelot adversary charges at your teammate. Move your bot away from your teammate to flank the Lancelot. This is the quickest way to end the match fast – by hitting the non-shielded parts. With some luck, your adversary might even hesitate/get confused/ get disoriented thereby exposing his flanks and rear to both you and your teammate.

Tactic B: Lancelot adversary charges at you. Move your bot so that you pivot your adversary’s flank or rear to your teammate. You sacrifice, teammate gets the sweet end of the deal, battle ends quickly.

Common mistake: 2 players stand side-by-side both hitting the adversary’s frontal arc. This is a time-consuming process that does not guarantee a win.

War Robot tactics for two against shielded adversary

War Robot tactics for two against shielded adversary | U – You, T – Teammate, F – Front, R-Rear


Best method to hit jumpers and runners

What is the most effective way to shoot at jumping, fast moving targets?

The Russian Death Button Griffin i.e. 2x Pins & 2 x Tulumbas is my favourite Griffin setup I have two in my hangar. It’s a great support robot that can play an awesome role in Shenzhen, Dead City and Power Plant maps. I have a discussion here on the Dead City.

My favourite type of play is when two of the same robots come together in a battle of wits. This is the kind of play I like best especially in the sniper role – however Russian DB versus Russian DB gives me that feeling as well.

So you encounter a Russian DB looking at you and you are looking at him. He’s waiting to shoot his load and you are ready to empty yours. Best thing to do is to make a feint to make him to jump. Yeah it’s hard to reach him when he’s in the air but he is most vulnerable when he just landed. There is a second or two when he can’t move so if you can anticipate where he is landing, that second or two is just the perfect time for Pins and Tulumbas rockets to fly through the air.

Note: It’s the same way to hit fast bots like Gareth, Stalker or Rogatka. Don’t hit them where they are, hit them where you expect them to be 2 seconds later.

Here is an excellent illustration from Wargaming.net.

Leading your shots to hit moving target

Leading your shots to hit moving target | Credit: Wargaming.net

Tactic: Hit them where you expect them to be, not where they are.

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