War Robots Moon map strategy 3 opening moves

By | April 27, 2017

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War Robots Moon map strategy 3 opening moves: 1. Grab the beacons 2. Intercept/Ambush 3. Meeting engagement in the centre.

War Robots game by Pixonic is now running Update 2.8 since 25 April 2017. I am going to make some observations about it’s key update which is the addition of a Moon map but before I do so, here are the patch notes.

In addition, Pixonic is celebrating 3rd anniversary with an event on 28 April 2017 (tomorrow). Any guesses they are going to launch the new MK II Dash bots exclusively through the event? Like they did for the Western series which till date are still not available with workshop points, Au or even Ag credits.


Moon map impressions

My first impressions:

  1. It’s great, battles here are really intense and in my opinion, this is THE map for brawlers. So goodbye to snipers. In fact anything above 500m range is out. 600m Tridents maybe but in my opinion not effective.
  2. The moon map is a maze. There are plenty of corners so line-of-sight fire at medium range and above is tricky.
  3. The walls in between are pretty high – Griffins might be able to manage with it’s Jump ability but Rogatkas – not so much. Even if you jump on to the wall, there are structures that block movement and fire while going over the walls are limited to few places, notably the two ramps one of the left bottom corner the other on the top right corner of the map.
  4. I wrote that it’s intense it really is – one quickly runs out of bots. I have 5 in the hangar but most of the time I get knocked out by the 8th minute mark.

As a testament to it’s intensity and focus on speed and short range play, I captured a grand total of 8 beacons for the first time – on the Moon! Credit to every player – you can see from this screenshot below that the beacon count for everyone is quite very high.

First time I captured 8 beacons - on Moon map

First time I captured 8 beacons – on Moon map


This is the hangar that took those 8 beacons.

My hangar - 3 Griffins, 1 Rogatka and 1 Ancilot

My hangar – 3 Griffins, 1 Rogatka and 1 Ancilot


Moon map strategies

  1. Grab the beacons
  2. Intercept/ambush!
  3. Meeting engagement in the centre

Thanks to fan kit from wwr.mobi, I have this high-resolution top down view of Moon map.

Moon map top down view; flow of battle

Moon map top down view; flow of battle


Based on observations over the past 2 days, this is what I think most players will encounter. The map appears to be in line with Pixonic’s recent emphasis on symmetry in order to create rebalanced conditions for both Blue and Red teams. The map is a mirror image so from either spawn sites, there will be 3 opening moves.

  1. Players playing fast robots such as the buffed Rogatka (speed 60) will be going down green route to grab the first two beacons. I have a level 10 Rogatka – getting Beacon A can be taken for granted, Beacon B is where I run into Red team bots.
  2. Players playing medium speed bots i.e. not fast enough to be first to beacon but not slow pokes like Lancelots have a good chance to do the red route. If you operate Russian Griffins armed with Pins and Tulumbas, this is an ‘intercept/ambush’ play – go up the ramp, hit Red players going to Beacon E with your first salvo.
  3. For the rest of squad white route is the most likely choice. I call this the meeting engagement i.e. head-on clash or more like a traffic congestion for Beacon C. If you take the point, prepare to be ripped to pieces by Red Team. If you follow behind the point man, prepare to be ineffective – you are basically shooting at his back because the tunnel in the centre is quite narrow. Good enough for 2 Lancelots side by side but not much additional space.


Rogatka buffed, new look

This is the other major update in 2.8. A new look Rogatka with buff to speed, health and a shorted cool down. I like.

Lastly I am compiling a set of ‘squad rules‘ for new clan members. Please help with your feedback.

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