New hangar, new strategy for War Robots post-Update 2.6

By | March 25, 2017

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A month after Pixonic launched Update 2.6 for War Robots, I am announcing a whole new hangar to the way I play the game – more energy weapons, shorter range for higher firing rate and damage done and then higher speed bots.


Old hangar, mixed roles

The robots in my old hangar were:

  • Carnage with 2x Trebuchets
  • 2 units of Griffin with 2x Pins and 2x Tulumbas
  • Griffin with 2x Magnums and 2x Orkans
  • Lancelot with 2x Tarans and 1x Thunder/ sometimes I run a Galahad too


Current hangar, knife fighting

The robots in my current hangar are:

  • Carnage with 2x Trebuchets Carnage with 2x Thunders
  • Griffin with 2x Pin and 2x Tulumbas
  • Griffin with 2x Magnums and 2x Orkans
  • Griffin with 2x Magnums and 1x Taran, 1x Orkan
  • Lancelot with 2x Tarans and 1x Thunder Ancilot with 2x Tarans and 1x Ancile Shield

I have to admit that my current hangar is a mish-mash that makes use of whatever weapon is available in the armskote. The difference between current and old hangar is a move entirely towards knife fighting by giving up the sniper role. It’s end of the road for the Treb-Carnage and I don’t intend to start building a Fury or Butch.


Intended hangar, knife fighting with more penetration speed

The robots in my intended hangar will be:

  • Carnage with 2x Thunders
  • Griffin with 2x Pin and 2x Tulumbas Rogatka with 2x Orkans
  • Griffin with 2x Magnums and 2x Orkans
  • Griffin with 2x Magnums and 2x Tarans
  • Ancilot with 2x Tarans and 1x Ancile Shield

The intended hangar addresses the main setback in the current hangar which is speed. The fact is Griffins and Lancelots are slow, damned slow. They are bashers, support bots but lacking in penetration speed to totally throw Red Team play out of balance. In bigger maps, they also spend more time getting to a fight than time spent in an actual engagement.

Note: There is an upcoming buff for Rogatka but I don’t have details yet. Could be faster speed and more health. Also there is also an overpowered Dash Mk II in the test server which I will be following keenly. One fast Carnage is not good enough, I want to have 2 if not 3 robots that can move around as fast as Rogatka or Galahad.


#1 reason to change – 2-gunned Carnage eclipsed by 3x Fury and 4x Butch

In my opinion the old hangar worked very well for a combination of long range sniping and short range knife work. By the time Update 2.6 was launched, the Sniper Carnage which was already on it’s way to obsolescence when pitted against the 3x Trebuchet Fury became totally eclipsed by the 4x Trebuchet Butch (see analysis of damage done here).

Consider Carnage – a fast, medium robot protected by Ancile Shield.

As a sniper and counter-sniper it did pretty well in the beginning. The Ancile Shield made Nashorn, Kangdae and Zenit counter-fire ineffective. Combined with it’s Rush ability, it could pretty much move between firing spots that made Natasha and Fury clumsy.

Then Pixonic raised the speed of Fury – this was the first step towards obsolescence.

Fury is a three-gunned monster. A single maxed Trebuchet shot from the three-gunned Fury does 3x 17540 or 52620 points of damage. Carnage is a medium robot with a maximum health of 114,000 points. That single shot from Fury takes away 46% of health. 3 shots to kill.

In return, Carnage does 2x 17540 or 35080 points of damage. A maxed Fury has 158,000 points of health. Carnage inflicts 22% damage per shot. 5 shots to kill. The equaliser between Carnage vs. Fury is speed because a skilled player uses this speed to out-move Fury. My personal experience with Fury at the current speed – playing Carnage becomes challenging to difficult.

Butch comes along with 4 Trebuchets and Quickdraw ability. 4 Trebuchets do 4x 17540 or 70160 points or 61% damage in a double tap. Two double-taps from Butch using the Quickdraw ability to kill a maxed Carnage. Game over.


#2 reason – Ancilot as a ‘hit-sink’

I wrote here that a Thunder-armed Lancelot has the maximum ‘broadside’ weight to deal with Lancelot to Lancelot engagements. In theory that is still true. In practice I found that a Lancelot due to it’s slow speed just could not ignore it’s surrounding. Before it could fight a 1-on-1 engagement, it had brave everything thrown at it. This is where Ancilots do much better.

After trying out an Ancilot for a month I also realised something else. The value of Ancilot is not just about surviving longer to get to a fight. The fact it is so hard to destroy it is valuable to a squad to have any Ancilot at all. When Red Team has to point every weapon nearby at your Ancilot, your bot is going to die sooner or later – that’s a fact. But if everyone has to take so long and so many hits to destroy you, it gives team mates time and room to move around for some mischief. This is to me, strategic value.


#3 reason – Anciles are now fashionable for now

Update 2.6 fixed Ancile shields, you can see the changes here. As a result, battlefields are now overrun with Ancilots, Ancileos (Leo with top mounted Ancile Shield in heavy slot) and Carnages with Thunders. These changes game dynamics in many ways. One of which is the very powerful so-called ‘Russian Death Button’ – Griffin with 2x Pins, 2x Tulumbas – are now also not doing well.

If Anciles become fashionable, then Thunders and Tarans rise to top contender which makes them must-have at the moment.

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