Dash MK II War Robot going to make number of existing setups obsolete

By | March 6, 2017

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War Robot Dash Mk2 if introduced at current prototypes specs will totally displace Carnage, Rogatka, Griffin and Fujin at the mid-range support and ‘Death Button’ role.

New War Robot prototype revealed

Dash MK II is currently a prototype but based on what I saw on Youtube posted by Adrian Chong, I foresee a number of existing setups going obsolete. Hangars will change, players have to part with some AU and based on discussion on some forums, communities, already there is some unhappiness.


Functionality and role

Before we look at performance stats, let’s look at the role that this robot is likely to play.

  1. It’s fast.
  2. It has a lot of mobility with the ‘Jump’ ability.
  3. It has 3 medium weapon slots.
  4. It is Ancile Shield protected.
Dash MK II War Robot has Ancile Shield protection

Dash MK II War Robot has Ancile Shield protection | Screencap from video above


Based on these features, the most direction comparisons among existing war robots are:

  1. Carnage – Fast and Ancile protected.
  2. Rogatka – Fast and Jump ability.
  3. Griffin – Jump ability and comparable armament i.e. 2 medium and 2 light points on Griffin vs 3 medium on Dash.
  4. Fujin – 3 medium points and Ancile Shield.

I daresay Dash is one up on all four of them based on the current prototype specifications.

  1. Dash will be faster than Carnage (45km/h versus 40km/h).
  2. Dash will have more health than Carnage (150k versus 114k).
  3. Dash will only be slightly slower than Rogatka (45km/h vs 48km/h).
  4. Dash will have more health (Rog has 138k).
  5. Dash is better armed than Rog.
  6. Dash will slightly weaker in health than Griffin (Griffin has 158k).
  7. Dash can also jump.
  8. Dash is as well armed than Griffin.
  9. Dash will be faster than Griffin (45km/h vs 35km/h).
  10. Dash will have higher health than Fujin (150k vs 122k)
  11. Dash will be faster than Fujin (45km/h vs 40km/h)

In other words, Dash is Carnage, Rogatka, Griffin and Fujin rolled into one with only very minor setbacks. As single platform, it can fulfil some roles that these four play and have higher performance than each.

Before After
Carnage with 2x Thunders
(health 114k, speed 40km/h)
Dash with 3x Orkans
(health 150k [+32k], speed 45km/h [+5km/h])
Rogatka with 2x Orkans
Rogatka with 2x Tulumbas
Rogatka with 2x Tarans
(health 138k, speed 48km/h)
Dash with 3x Orkans
Dash with 3x Tulumbas
Dash with 3x Tarans
[health +12k, speed -3km/h]
Griffin with 2x Pinata + 2x Orkans
Griffin with 2x Pin + 2x Tulumbas
Griffin with 2x Magnums + 2x Tarans
(health 158K, speed 35km/h)
Dash with 3x Orkans
Dash with 3x Tulumbas
Dash with 3x Tarans
[health -8k, speed +10km/h]
 Fujin + 3x whatever
(health 122k, speed 40km/h)
Dash with 3x whatever
[health +28k, speed +5km/h]

Safe to the say the only major difference is it won’t be able to climb walls like Fujin but I am saying this sarcastically.

War Robot Dash Mk 2 performance statistics

War Robot Dash Mk 2 performance statistics | Screencap from video above


What to do before/after Dash in this current specs is launched

I don’t like to grumble when Pixonic has done a great job providing a free game for mech addicts like me. Everyone has a choice whether to play or not or to make any in-game purchases so no complains with me.

But I think that Dash MK II based on the current prototype is a major blunder. It absolutely shuffles the entire deck of cards for existing players especially early adopters who are at the top of their game. When you shuffle like this, it creates a whole lot of unhappiness.

This is what I would do (action for those who will stick with the game for awhile):

  1. Since Dash outperforms in so many ways, I will be looking to add it to my hangar.
  2. If you are using Carnage/Rogatka/Griffin/Fujin in the ways describe above, stop any upgrading immediately since they will become obsolete soon.
  3. Hang on to your AU or Workshop Points.
  4. I would wait awhile to see how Dash will be made available. If Dash is going to be released only during special events like the Western-bots, I would give it a pass. At the rate that Pixonic is launching new bots, by the time you get hold of Dash or Butch or anyone of the Westerns, good chance they will also be obsolete.
  5. In addition, I see Pins, Pinatas and magnums as outdated. If heavier robots like Dash are going to be the way to go for new models, it is no longer useful to spend any currency at all on light generic weapons. Go for special role weapons like Geckos or Aphids or go for Orkans which require AU to buy and are more powerful and versatile.


Additional note:

Although Ancilots (players’ choice of name for 2x Taran + Ancile Shield protected Lancelot) are most commonly used in battering roles and will not be in the quick strike profile like Dash, Dash also has the specs to totally displace Ancilots.

The moment, you put on an Ancile Shield to the Lancelot, it becomes a 2-medium slot robot. Dash has Ancile built in and has one more medium for a lot more fire power than Ancilot.

Ok Dash is weaker with 150k health vs Lancelot at 170k but this player will take the extra firepower and the higher mobility with jump and higher speed (45km/h versus Lancelot 30km/h) any time.

6. Suspend all upgrading on Lancelot and Ancile Shield.


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