Mergers the way to go in War Robots clan rankings

By | February 24, 2017

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Merge clans to combine most active players

Organic growth depending on recruitment may not be an aggressive enough strategy if clan leaders want a place in Top 30 ranking.

It is obvious that the ranking system is based on ‘most active’ rather than ‘best player’. If clan leaders are inviting only players ranked level 30 with a hangar of 5 robots at maxed level 12, they are probably barking up the wrong tree. A player with a hangar of 3 robots at low level could qualify for recruitment – because you want an individual who is playing all the time.

Look at the following screenshot.

War Robots Top 5 clans by activity screenshot on 24 February 2017

War Robots Top 5 clans by activity screenshot on 24 February 2017

Top clans are ranked by a moving 10-day activity count. If we take the top clan ‘华人机动战士联盟9’, their activity level (top right figure) is a 55239. Divide by 38 players, that’s an activity level of an average of 1453 per player.

Apparently filling a clan with the maximum number of players based on quota is the not way either. Clan #2 ‘Warwolves’ has 40 players but is still placed below #1 which as 38 only.

My own clan has only two players with 10-day activity level above 1000. We are nowhere near the top and we have problem filling our ranks based on recruitment only.


Merger, membership turnover strategy

It is logical that aggressive clan leaders who aspire to be at the top of their game should consider the following:

  1. Actively turn over members in the clan by eliminating players with the lowest activity level.
  2. Fill ranks by selecting based on activity level rather than performance stats like robot level, ‘maximum damage’ etc.
  3. Get a few clans with similar aspiration together, retain the top 10 – 20% players (by activity) and fire everyone else below; combine these top players into a restructured organisation.

Any clan leader who can do such a merger to put 40 players together each with 10-day activity of 1000 and above – therefore combined activity 40k and above – such a clan would immediately place at rank #13 (which is currently occupied by a clan with activity level just over 39,000).


Recruitment barrier

It is possible that the barrier for players to team up with strangers in cyberspace is pretty high.

I personally encountered a bullying incident at the squad level – I must say the next time I receive an invitation from an unknown party, I click ‘Reject’. This incident ticket №(569022) was reported to Pixonic using it’s in-game email system on 22 February. I have received an ‘acknowledged’ reply from a support centre (looks outsourced) but no word from the game company till date.


Sharing is caring!

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