Fan fiction: Orbital bombardment first in War Robots

By | February 23, 2017

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Fan fiction for War Robots game by Pixonic. Features fictional character Colonel Vasily Fedorov, 43, Ace, War Robot Pilot of the Federation.


A new weapon

Colonel Vasily Fedorov, 43, Ace, War Robot Pilot of the Federation shook with rage when he read his orders. He was assigned to a Destrier that was fitted with a prototype weapon. Commandant Alekseyev tasked him to act as sniper in a new squad that was formed.

Vasily was a brawler at heart. In his old bot, a Griffin fitted with 2x Magnums and 2x Tarans, he was ace with 27 confirmed kills. His late father, a veteran of the last war, named him after a WWII Hero of the Soviet Union. That great man Vasily Grigoryevich Zaytsev was a sniper who killed 225 fascists, including 11 snipers.

Vasily did not want to be a sniper. He had a great love for his motherland. When he went to battle, a battle lust overcame him. The base counsellor told him that his physical condition readings went through the roof. No other pilot in the base had his level of alertness and instinct. This lust was felt most keenly when he went into a knife fight – so close he could smell the opponent’s fear if such a smell could penetrate inches of tungsten-ceramic plates.

His orders were explicit.

  1. Stay 700m behind the lead robots.
  2. The Destrier must not be damaged, destroyed or captured at all costs.
  3. Test  ‘палец бога’ the new ‘God’s Finger’ weapon mounted on the left weapon slot. This is a new ability.
  4. The weapon has a 7-minute charging time.

How is that possible? How can the good commander task his most competent pilot, an ace, to be the last man in a squad. Well brought up in a warrior family with a long tradition, Vasily was determined to carry out his orders perfectly.


Meeting engagement; firing orders

Vasily Federov, piloting Destrier T-3, and his fellow pilots in a squad of 6 landed on the the abandoned Yamantau Base in their landing pods. Squad orders were explicit:

  1. Capture Yamantau Base.
  2. Should enemy robots be encountered, to capture or maim or destroy by any means.


Top secret orders to Colonel Vasily Federov.
Fire God’s Finger. Return Destrier T-3 undamaged.


Orbital bombardment first in War Robots

As expected the enemy turned up. Vasily in his prototype bot stayed behind. He watched his fellow pilots move into position. He kept his other eye on the modified console. As he watched, images of the last battle where he lost his best friend came to mind.

A flashing light shook him from his reverie. It informed him that God’s Finger was ready to fire. Vasily had gone through this part at least 50 times in the simulation room. He aimed a crosshair at the centre beacon where three enemy Lancelots had positioned in a menacing pose. Outside Destrier T-3, a laser mounted on the left weapon slot that looked like a miniature Gekko painted the centre Lancelot with a tiny ray not visible on any sensor but lit up to a top secret satellite pre-positioned in a geostationary orbit.

To Vasily’s surprise, a golden column of light shot down from the sky. A great mushroom cloud threw the three Lancelots into the air like origami.

War Robots God's Finger Orbital weapon roasts it's target

‘God’s Finger’ orbital bombardment roasts it’s target | Screencap from Pixonic promotional video

Colonel Vasily Federov, named after Vasily Zaytsev, Ace, War Robot Pilot of the Federation, sitting in Destrier T-3, prefix ‘T’ for ‘Test’ became the first pilot to fire God’s Finger, an Orbital Bombardment weapon, that will turn the tide in this war.


Author notes, game design

This is original fan fiction for War Robots by Pixonic written by me. I regret similarities if any – it would be a coincidence. The idea of an orbital bombardment weapon in a game is not new but it came to me that this would be a potential development for in-game weapons or in a story on War Robots. This is not official, not promoted or recognised by Pixonic.

  • I think a special ability in the form of a light weapon can be developed for the War Robots game.
  • It could be very powerful, fired from an out-of-the-map location.
  • To balance it’s power, the charging time should be quite long.
  • As a challenge, maybe only 2, possibly even 1 shot in the whole game.
  • Special challenge to player using this kind of weapon – stay alive until the weapon finishes charging; need to get timing right in order to hand out maximum potential damage. This would be positioned at a small segment of players who like special challenges.
  • As an additional balance for such a powerful weapon, one weapon slot must be sacrificed for realism. It means also not all robots can be armed with this weapon.
  • To fire, player hits the special ability button and points a ‘laser’ or crosshair at a target.
  • A column of light appears followed by destruction. I envision that this ‘God’s Finger’ weapon works best on a cluster of robots fighting at near range.
  • Weapon effects – probably blast damage in a 25 -50m radius; ignores walls and obstacles.
  • Instead of an orbital bombardment, this special ability could also call in an aerial bombardment or combat air support. Not unlike a kind of ‘Broken Arrow –  direct all fire on my position’ kind of order.

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