War Robots ‘Battle for Yamantau Bridge’ strategy

By | February 23, 2017

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I had an excellent lesson in ‘Movement to Contact Under Enemy Fire’ from War Robots yesterday.

In a battle at Yamantau map, Red Team made up of a squad from a top 30 clan beat Blue by denying access to the centre beacon. There were plenty of brawlers willing to capture the centre but none made it up the ramp. Red denied Blue by holding on to Yamantau Bridge (top of map) and were positioned to deliver withering fire to any robot in the open space below.


War Robots Yamantau map; Red Team delivers withering fire on ramp from this bridge

War Robots Yamantau map; Red Team delivers withering fire on ramp from this bridge | Map from War Robots Wikia


Blue and Red Team movement

  1. Blue Team spawns on left; Red Team spawns on right.
  2. Red Team captures centre beacon in early action.
  3. Red Team holds 3 beacons, Blue Team 2 so the clock counts down in Red’s favour.
  4. Red Team Galahads, Rhinos push across Yamantau Bridge at top of map and occupies two-thirds of the structure.
  5. Blue Team sends a steady stream of brawlers including Griffins, multiple Lancelots but fail to make it up the ramp to centre beacon.
  6. Blue Team robots cut down by Red Team withering fire from covered positions.

It was a close fight. Blue was not entirely decimated but lost when the clock finally ran down 3:2 in Red’s favour.


Give me possession of that bridge

  • This battle could have ended in a different way if Blue denied Red possession to that bridge. By controlling that bridge, Red had denied Blue the centre beacon and all the space in front of the ramp.
  • Red had shown little intention to capture a fourth beacon just at the left end of the bridge.
  • Red was contented to chew Blue up while the latter kept throwing metal into the grinder. Very effective fire from covered firing positions on the bridge blasted at Blue robots in front of the ramp.
  • If Blue had put a couple of robots at the left end of the bridge, it could have kept the bridge clear. Blue Team robots going up the ramp to the centre beacon would not be exposed unnecessarily.
  • Any bot such as Griffin armed with the 800m range Molots and twin Molots, or the longer range Gekko could have denied the bridge to Red and reversed the game by turning the tables.
  • Possession of this bridge is equal to possession to the centre beacon, gives the owner a 3:2 favour in the clock.
Turning the tables around

Turning the tables around | Map from War Robots Wikia


Tips for ‘Battle for Yamantau Bridge’ Strategy

  1. Bridge at top of map is favoured for this strategy it because has numerous covered firing points.
  2. It’s roof also protects users from top down fire coming from the ‘tower’ i.e. highest elevation above the right end of the bridge.
  3. The lower bridge is exposed and not favourable to movement.
  4. Any robot delivering support fire from the lower bridge is highly exposed not only from lower elevation in the map but also from the highest elevation as well as the roof of the top bridge (which is accessible to Raijin and Fujin).
  5. To clear Yamantau Bridge fairly quickly and to gain possession, use robots armed with Molots and Gekkos or Trebuchets, Nashorns and Kangdae. Griffins and Leos are pretty good here because of the arsenal they carry as well as their stronger health.
  6. Trebuchets, Nashorns and Kangdae have slower rates of fire so do not work very well.
  7. Molot is an excellent weapon that covers range between 600m and 800m.
  8. Few players want to charge 800m across a bridge with clear field of fire against an opponent such as a Griffin sporting 2x twin Molots and 2x single Molots.
  9. Once a player has control of the bridge, he has the choice to A) move in to capture beacon at the other end of bridge or B) deny the centre beacon to Red Team with covering fire.
  10. If you are playing with your regular squad, discuss this plan with squad mates and iron out each player’s role.


Sharing is caring!

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