War Robots and the adventure of Galahad

By | February 20, 2017

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Far Far Away

In a land far away, there were some good robots and some bad robots. The bad robots wanted to take over the world. The good robots wanted to stop the bad robots. The good robots were led by Galahad. Rhino led the bad robots. Galahad and Rhino were angry with each other. They were so angry that they wanted to fight each other.

Galahad War Robot (Pixonic)  Galahad, leader of the good robots | Picture from War Robots game

Galahad War Robot (Pixonic) Galahad, leader of the good robots | Picture from War Robots game by Pixonic


The War between Two

They agreed to battle. Both sides reached the battlefield at the same time. A tremendous battle of determination and firepower took place. Combatants from both sides were so badly damaged they had to retreat and regroup.

Rhino, leader of the bad robot

Rhino, leader of the bad robot



They got back. All robots upgraded so that the next time they battle they will not lose.

The Secret Behind Them

When Galahad battled Galahad saw some thing but Galahad did not know what was it. It was a secret that nobody knows. It looks like a power ball but Galahad does not know what it is.


The Power ball

Galahad was sill wondering what was that. It was blue in colour. Next time Galahad Battles it will see what it is.


The War Between All

The good robots and the bad robots were ready to battle. The best robot wins. They charged into the battlefield. They had a tremendous exchange of firepower. There was a big explosion. Then it was quiet with a lot of smoke. The robot that came out is Galahad.


The Last Robot

When the smoke cleared. Galahad saw what it was looking for the thing.


The Thing

It was a shiny blue energy shield. Galahad when to get it. It fitted on Galahad just fine. When a bullet hits the shield it will block the bullet.



After the war things were not the same anymore, Everything was destroyed. There was fire everywhere. Everything was gone. Earth is now called The Fiery Planet. The end of the war is here so I think this is the time to say goodbye.

Planet Earth on fire

Planet Earth on fire




This is a story written by my 7 year old son. I encouraged him to write in order to improve his English and to pick up online publishing skills. He plays War Robots too (developed by Pixonic). I am still wondering whether a 7 y.o. should have his own G+ id so in the meantime I published this in my name.

Looks like he combined elements of the Transformers story with characters from the War Robots game. Galahad for Optimus Prime and Rhino for Megatron. He watched the Transformers movie when he was 4 and must have seen a number of re-runs since then.

I am proud of him.

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