Is the twin-Trebuchet armed Carnage a camper?

By | February 20, 2017

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This article is about ‘War Robots‘ an Android/IOS real-time multiplayer game with 6 vs. 6 team battles developed by Pixonic.

Twin-Trebuchet-armed Carnage has often been associated with players who ‘camp’. It does not have to be this way. Carnage is a versatile bot that can capture beacons even in sniper mode.


Camping is a style of play

Anyone can be a camper. Players using Furys and Natashas are often labelled as campers but what about a player using Patton armed with Gekkos attacking from a distance of 1000 away? What about Golem with Gekko and Treb? Hey what about Griffons armed with Hydras and Aphids firing from behind an obstacle? Obviously many setups qualify for that infamous label but really it comes down to what you do.

War Robot Carnage armed with twin Trebuchets standing beside a beacon

War Robot Carnage armed with twin Trebuchets standing beside a beacon

I have been using a Carnage set up with twin Trebuchets since I started playing War Robots last year. This is the only bot I have that is maxed out. In addition I am using 3 Griffons (2 setup with S-25 Tulumbas and the other with Orkans). I also have a Lancelot with armed with Thunder and 2 Tarans.

5-slot War Robots setup

5-slot War Robots setup

Besides these, I have a Stalker, a Galahad and a Rogatka outside of my regular 5-slot setup.


My style of play with Carnage – ‘fighting sniper’

I resent anyone calling me a camper.

  1. I obviously am set up to do ‘knife fights’ – a term in the game that describes close action within distance of 350 or less.
  2. Any player who stays rooted to a spot no matter how the game is going is a camper. I don’t. I get my share of beacons even with the Carnage – that depends on how good you are at spotting openings especially in the flanks. Carnage has the ‘Rush’ function that is very handy when you need a burst of speed.

I play what I call the ‘fighting sniper’ style. Face it. Even in a real warfare there is such a concept as combined arms. You don’t go to the battlefield with tanks only. You go with the whole lot including infantry, artillery, attack choppers, sappers, anti-air – the whole lot.

In a realistic game like War Robots, combined arms is very real. Even if you got a gungho squad of 6 players fully armed to do knife fights, the opposing squad could be armed with snipers who will ‘bump’ your bots off at long distance. A sniper is the way to ‘bump’ back.

Maps like Canyon, Springfield and Yamantau are big maps where I start off with Carnage. Carnage is my last choice for maps like Shenzhen, Dead City and Power Plant. At long distances, I pick off the fast bots like Stalkers and deprive them of the centre beacon as best as possible. If Red Team has snipers, this is where it gets into a really fun game of wits. (I will share some of the best sniping spots in a later post).

In a big map setup, the Carnage can be a really valuable addition to a squad. In Springfield for instance, it can even contribute at least 2 beacons to the team. There are 3 beacons on the field side, Carnage has the chance to really go for 2. Not enough time to do 3 unless all of your 5 other teammates are really ahem camping.

In the fighting sniper style, I start with the Carnage but have no intention to end with it. If this is a back and forth confrontation between two determined, fairly even sides, my most common encounter goes like this:

  • Start with the Carnage, pick off the first round of fast bots coming in for the centre beacon.
  • Counter Red Team snipers so that your own Blue Team beacon runners and knife fighters can close the distance. I am quite good with my job so by half time, most snipers have been eliminated from the game. (If there are other snipers in your team it helps. I don’t claim to eliminate all others by myself.)
  • This is where you make a choice a) go grab a beacon too b) close the distance for some knife action of your own. The Carnage has Ancile Shield so can be used to protect other players from blast weapons – just don’t get in the way. Be mentally prepared to kill off the Carnage.
  • When the Carnage is done, switch to your other bots depending on circumstance.

With luck, you will contribute to squad play as well as fairly enjoy yourself with diverse action. No one in your squad will ever see you unfavourably as a player who camps only.


#1 War Robot tip – don’t stay rooted to one spot

Let me share this tip: War Robots is a fast fluid game best enjoyed if you move around. It’s not about raw fire power but combination of skills, tactics and how you put together a good hangar, whether you have joined a good clan.

Carnage and twin Trebuchets have excellent firepower but does not have a high rate of fire. If you want to achieve a high level of ‘max damage’, knife fights in my opinion offers the best chance for an aspiring player. That means there is no point to play a defensive game. You don’t win any prize for expending one robot only in a 10-minute duration. Go out and use the whole 3-bot, 4-bot or 5-bot hangar that you have.

If you stay rooted to one spot, someone on the opposing team will find you eventually – or you loose if time runs out anyway because you have lost the battle for beacons.

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