Gekko-Molot-armed Galahad could fill ‘Sniper Lite’ role

By | February 20, 2017

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This article is about ‘War Robots‘ an Android/IOS real-time multiplayer game with 6 vs. 6 team battles developed by Pixonic.

Galahad armed with two Gekkos and a twin-Molot has the potential to be ‘Sniper Lite’.


15% buff (update 2.5) in Gekko makes this possible

Galahad armed with 2 Gekkos and a twin-Molot | Pixonic

Galahad armed with 2 Gekkos and a twin-Molot | Pixonic

Players who play the sniper role typically use Trebuchet-armed Carnage, Natasha, Raijin, Fury or the up and coming 4-gunned Butch. Occasionally one might encounter Boa or Golem armed with single Trebuchets but these are extremely rare. In my opinion these are more likely to be experiments by players than permanent configuration.

If we look at the regular lineup of snipers from Carnage to Butch, Galahad qualifies for the ‘lite’ label because it does not have a heavy weapon slot. Heavy lifting is going to come from a set of Gekkos that have maximum range of 1500m.

The Gekko is a light weapon. The reason Gekko-armed Galahads can be used in the sniper role is because developer Pixonic recently buffed Gekko’s damage by 15% in update 2.5 in January 2017. Anyone player who ever experienced being on the receiving end of Gekko especially the 4-Gekko Patton setup will understand it’s blistering power.


The unique 800m range Molot

The other factor that makes Galahad light is the proposed shoulder-mounted twin-Molot. This weapon has a range of 800.

So a Galahad with 2 Gekkos and a twin-Molot will only have maximum effectiveness at 800 or less. More than 800, only the Gekkos are at play. In this sense it is slightly handicapped and under-gunned compared to regular snipers.

However I think it fills a special niche.

This is a very special weapon. Why? In my opinion, game space in War Robots can be broken down into generally into the following:

  • 350m or less
  • 500-600m
  • Up to 800
  • Beyond 800

350m or less is basically knife fighting range.

500-600m is the favoured distance where most fights are resolved (or at least opponents are weakened before they close in); plenty of action playable on all maps, plenty of excellent weapons.

Once we move out of the 600m range, there are very few weapons. In fact if we take away all sniper-associated weapons that have ranges more than 1000m, the single and twin Molot are the only weapons that have a range of 800m.

A player using Molot-armed robots who can skilfully move around a map while keeping opponents outside of his 600m circumference is going to be a winner – there is no effective counter fire. I have seen some players do this excellently with Griffins sporting 2x twin-Molots and 2x single Molots.


Replacement for Carnage

In my previous article, I wrote about the role of Trebuchet-armed Carnage. With the introduction of Butch, the Trebuchet-mounted Carnage is about to reach the end of it’s useful life as a sniper.

Consider Carnage – a fast, medium robot protected by Ancile Shield.

As a sniper and counter-sniper it did pretty well in the beginning. The Ancile Shield made Nashorn, Kangdae and Zenit counter-fire ineffective. Combined with it’s Rush ability, it could pretty much move between firing spots that made Natasha and Fury clumsy.

Then Pixonic raised the speed of Fury – this was the first step towards obsolescence.

Fury is a three-gunned monster. A single maxed Trebuchet shot from the three-gunned Fury does 3x 17540 or 52620 points of damage. Carnage is a medium robot with a maximum health of 114,000 points. That single shot from Fury takes away 46% of health. 3 shots to kill.

In return, Carnage does 2x 17540 or 35080 points of damage. A maxed Fury has 158,000 points of health. Carnage inflicts 22% damage per shot. 5 shots to kill. The equaliser between Carnage vs. Fury is speed because a skilled player uses this speed to out-move Fury. My personal experience with Fury at the current speed – playing Carnage becomes challenging to difficult.

Butch comes along with 4 Trebuchets and Quickdraw ability. 4 Trebuchets do 4x 17540 or 70160 points or 61% damage in a double tap. Two double-taps from Butch using the Quickdraw ability to kill a maxed Carnage. Game over.


That shield and that 800m range

This is where ‘Sniper Lite’ Galahad comes in with his shield.

Galahad has little chance to knock Fury, Natasha or Butch out but in big open maps like Springfield and Yamantau, that shield ensures that Galahad survives at least one double-tap from Butch and in return, can effectively suppress Butch by keeping it pinned behind obstacles. Besides, Galahad doesn’t light up like a Christmas tree to opposing snipers.

If there are no snipers in the game, then ‘Sniper Lite’ Galahad closes the distance to opponents down to 800m and does a little mayhem of it’s own with Molot coming into play. Without sniper fire, a 800m Galahad is king when everyone else reaches 600m only.


‘Sniper Lite’ Galahad game tips

Tip #1 – Best maps to use this Galahad setup is Yamantau, Springfield followed by Canyon and Shenzhen. The environment required for best performance is wide open shooting space more than 600m away. Lets Molot perform at it’s exclusive distance without returning fire from weapons like Hydra and Trident.

Tip #2 – Galahad armed like this may not perform it’s best in Dead City. The shorter distance and plenty of corners offer opponents ways to close in, negates Molot’s advantage. However a player can position his Galahad at the two flanks as well as the narrow corridor right beside each flank. It’s flat, straight and suitable for players who know how to deny movement to opponents.

Tip #3 – Galahad is an all-rounded robot so players might want to keep at least one in the hangar. For players who like to experiment, there are multiple roles that Galahad might excel. Consider these:

  • Galahad with 2x Magnums, 1x Taran for knife fight.
  • Galahad with 2x Pinata, 1x Orkan for knife fight.
  • Galahad with 2x Aphids, 1x Hydra/1x Orkan for skirmishing.
  • Galahad with 2x Pin, 1x Tulumbas for skirmishing/mid-range support.

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