Empress Mo of Xi Xia

Elixir of Power

The royal house of the Tangut Empire created an Elixir of Power which gave one who consumed it enormous strength and speed.

Sworn vassal to Genghis Khan, mighty Tangut warriors helped the Mongol army to destroy its powerful neighbour, the Westerm Liao. After the Liao campaign, Emperor Li Mo withdrew his troops and expelled the Mongol ambassador. Enraged Genghis Khan laid siege to the capital city.

According to legend, after the palace had fallen Empress Mo killed Genghis Khan and a hundred of his personal guards with her bare hands after consuming the last elixir. None of the royal house survived. Empress Mo took the formula of the elixir to her grave.

Grave robbers

Chen Shan could see that his men were shaken. They were shaking and were backing away from the open sarcophagus. These men were veterans hardened by twenty years of fighting nomads in this godforsaken desert. Anyone would follow his orders without question but fear?

Chen Shan instinctively drew his sword. Despite the sarcophagus was seven feet long, a beautiful girl not more than 4 feet tall lay in the sarcophagus. How old she was it was hard to tell but she could not have reached puberty yet. She looks like she had just fallen asleep.

Over her head is an oversized silver crown topped with an ornate phoenix and covered with pearls. She was dressed in an equally oversized robe. Over the robe was a corselet that appears to be made of Jadeite. Beside her was a four-sided jian that was one and a half foot long, a Chinese type of mace or truncheon also known as a sword breaker.

“Sir! Look!”

On the white scabbard were letters written in gold.

“Great State of White and Lofty, Empress Mo’s weapon”.

The girl sighed.

Solution to ‘error code 190’ on Google Play Store

This is one solution for users who encounter problem installing apps downloaded on Google Play Store. It is an installation problem – I have no problem downloading. Apps that failed to install properly can be found on my Google Play Store library. The solution that worked for me is to give Google Play Store storage permission under system settings.


Not able to install an app that I downloaded on Google Play Store. Since it is an installation problem, not a downloading one, solutions referring to Wifi strength are wrong.

Code error 190 message on Google Play Store

Code error 190 message on Google Play Store

This is a Chinese role playing game based on Qing Dynasty politics. I use a Huawei Honor 6x mobile phone.

The most common solution googled up (including Google Product Forums) was clear cache for Google Play Store and Google Play services. It didn’t work. This solution below did.


Enable storage permission for Google Play Store

Step 1 go to ‘Settings’. Select ‘Apps & notifications’.

Step 1 goto settings

Step 1 go to ‘Settings’


Step 2 go to ‘Apps’.

Step 2 goto apps

Step 2 go to ‘Apps’


Step 3 go to ‘Google Play Store’.

Step 3 goto google play store

Step 3 go to Google Play Store


Step 4 go to ‘Permissions’.

Step 4 goto permissions

Step 4 go to ‘Permissions’


Step 5 enable ‘Storage’.

Step 5 enable storage permission

Step 5 enable permission for ‘Storage’

This paranormal story could be developed further

Some ideas that could be expanded into a story. There are 5 characters. A well-liked young man who is missing since a traffic accident; body was not found. A young couple. Protagonist of this story and her father who is a shaman. Young man’s ghost appears and points to a spot/direction.

Woke up at 4.52am. I have very poor quality sleep. Waking up two to three times a night is a regular thing. Since I could not go back to sleep, I had to get up to note down this dream?idea before it slips out of my mind.


Setting, characters

The place is a local university. A small group 0f individuals are gathered for a briefing before the start of their post-graduate studies.

A and B are a couple who are well known in the student community. Both are members of the Taekwondo team. They attend this briefing dressed in their Taekwondo gi. A and B sport some tattoos. They appear to be very casual and laid back.

C is the protagonist in this story. Her father is a medium/shaman.

Focus of this story is D. He is notably absent at this briefing.


The missing?dead centre of this story?

Writing prompt, paranormalD was a foreigner who arrived in the country 10 years ago. He has since become a citizen of this country.

D signed on as an officer in the armed forces but took time out to get a degree. He is a star student who is well-liked by the student community. He graduated with sterling results but did not attend the graduation ceremony. Everyone is hoping that he will show up at the post-graduate briefing.

D was involved in a traffic accident at a major junction under an overpass. Did he die? His body was never found. The police refused to search. Why?

Did a driver kill D and dispose his body elsewhere? Was it a hit-and-run? If it was a hit-and-run, D could have gotten up despite he was seriously hurt but died somewhere nearby. The police could find D near the junction if they mounted a search.


Was that his ghost or a vision or him?

C encounters D at the same junction. She is anxious to know where D was all this time and why he did not turn up. D did not say a word. He merely points in a direction and then disappears in an instant. Is this D’s ghost or just a vision of him? Did he die? What will C find if she follows this lead?

Continue the story from here.

China’s strategic leadership in press forging – 3x 80,000-ton press forges!

China possesses strategic technology in the aviation, electrical power and petrochemical industry second to none – it’s 3 units of 80,000-ton press forges!


Press forging leadership in the world

China is the world’s most technologically advanced country in at least one sector in the world – press forging!

This is because it has 3x 80000-ton press forges. A press forge is a gigantic machine used to shape metal. It is a critical component in the aviation, electrical power and petrochemical industry.

For example, critical aircraft parts such as the landing gear have to be produced to withstand tremendous stress. They have tobe forged from a single piece of metal – you simply can’t make several small pieces then weld them together. The bigger the aircraft, the larger the press forge required.

China's 80000-ton press forge in action

China’s 80000-ton press forge in action | Source

China found this out the hard way when it developed Shanghai Y-10 four-engined airliner in the 1970s. Critical components of the Y-10 was produced with a small press then welded together – the prototype was retired after test flying for 170 hours only.

Considered a strategic technology, China developed its indigenous 80,000-ton press forge. Now China is not operating one but three of these monsters!


Which countries operated these monsters?

  • USA has 4x 50,000-ton press forges.
  • France has a single 65,000-ton press forge.
  • Russia has 2x 75,000-ton press forge.
  • China has 3x 80,000-ton press forges in Kunshan, Yanliang and Deyang cities.


Strategic manufacturing competency

Very few countries have such a technological competency. Even when France builds the Airbus A380, various parts are developed and manufactured in Russia.

The large press is required for the construction of large aircraft components essential equipment. According to insiders, the large passenger aircraft in the world market, Airbus is so able to come from behind to produce the A380, an important factor is that it sought in the production of large forgings to the help of Russia, the molding of the A380 landing gear is in Russia 7.5 ten thousand tons presses.


When you read this piece ‘China and Russia Reach Agreement to Build New Wide-Body Airliner‘, think of China’s 80,000-ton press forge!

The Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (Comac) and Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) recently announced an agreement to begin full-scale development of a new wide-body airliner, according to Aviation WeekThe new jumbo jet is designed to carry 280 passengers, putting it in a similar class to the Boeing 787 and Airbus A330-900.

Manufacturing of the new aircraft will be split between Moscow and Shanghai. Russia will build the aircraft’s composite wings, engine pylons, and main landing gear. China will build the fuselage, horizontal and vertical stabilizers, nose cone, and nose landing gear. The airframe is expected to be at least 50 percent composites. The two aviation manufacturers plan to use a Rolls-Royce or General Electric engine at first, but CRAIC will consider switching to the Russian-built PD-35 engine for future variants. Russian and Chinese companies will have priority to supply the rest of the aircraft components.


Besides the 80000-ton press forge, China already has the blue prints for a 160,000-ton press forge that will soon go into production.

Fiction: Sinister conspiracy turn night terror children into zombies

Story plot: Sinister NWO organisation creates death signal that traps ordinary individuals in a night terror state to run a global de-population agenda.

My son had night terrors. Night terror is a sleep disorder that causes feeling of dread. It affects up to 6% of children aged 3-12 and up to 1% of adult population. My son’s symptoms were classic. His terror attacks strike exactly at 1am. He would scream, and trash around. During those screaming and trashing he appeared awake but could not be consoled. He had no recollection on following days. Thankfully his night terrors appear to have gone away some time ago.

Therefore I was not surprised when my three and a half year old daughter started screaming and trashing at night recently. Just the right age for an onset if she has the disorder as well. According to Wikipedia,

There is some evidence that a predisposition to night terrors and other parasomnias may be congenital. Individuals frequently report that past family members have had either episodes of sleep terrors or sleepwalking.

Now the funny thing is at 2.30am, I was woken from my sleep by her screaming. As suddenly, the idea of a zombie story popped into my head. In the morning, it took me like 5 hours to recollect the whole deal because I just couldn’t remember. Let me put it down here.

Sinister NWO meets Zombie Apocalypse meets Freddy Krueger’s Nightmare on Elm Street.


Evil scientists create zombies to de-populate Earth

  1. 1% of the human adult population, 6% of the children population may be genetically disposed to night terror.
  2. For some, their night terrors lead to feeding compulsion (not true).
  3. In an evil conspiracy, scientists funded by a sinister organisation that wants to create a new world order build a death ray that broadcasts a frequency in the inaudible wavelength to trap children in their state of night terror.
  4. These living ‘child zombies’ are unable to wake up; driven by a feeding compulsion they turn into monsters to run a global de-population agenda.
  5. An ordinary couple blessed with two innocent children fight a battle against evil to free their loved ones and save the world!

Love the changes to Pins and Tulumbas with War Robots Update 2.9

War Robots Update 2.9 changed rocket firing mechanism to Orkan-like simultaneous load-and-fire for Pinatas, Pins and Tulumbas. Works great. Negates Ancile Shield advantage. Makes rocket-armed robot setups like the Russian Death Button Griffin more effective.


War Robots Update 2.9 is now available on iOS.

This update is mostly about balance – a number of changes were made to existing weapons including Punisher and Gekko but mostly to rocket type weapons Orkan, Tulumbas, Pins and Pinatas.

I was apprehensive before this update because I am a major rocket user.  I even have some setpiece tactics developed for rocket-armed Griffins – see here my post on ‘Dead City‘. My tactics were working well before the update so from my point of view no news is good news.

This is a screencap of my hangar from late April. As you can see I use 2x Russian ‘Death Button’ Griffins armed with Tulumbas and Pins as well as an Orkan-Rogatka. 2.9 affects me big time.

My hangar - 3 Griffins, 1 Rogatka and 1 Ancilot

My hangar – 3 Griffins, 1 Rogatka and 1 Ancilot

War Robots Update 2.9 changes firing mechanism on Pins, Pinatas and Tulumbas to Orkan-type i.e. load and fire simultaneously. On paper this looks good but if it flopped, it would not be the first one and neither would it be the last.

After a couple of battles last night right after the update however and then some more today, I must say overall feeling was pretty good!


My thoughts about the update rocket firing

  1. Robots armed with Pinatas, Pins and Tulumbas are no longer sitting ducks while reloading.
  2. Russian Death Button Griffins now have a new lease of life.
  3. Firing rate while reloading might be slow but it negates a huge advantage Ancile Shields enjoy over rocket-armed robots. This is a tremendous boost in effectiveness and morale against Carnage and Ancilots as well as very fast shield equipped bots like Gareth and Galahad.
  4. Turns out load-and-fire-simultaneously is also pretty good against robots with machine gun types like Punisher. Punisher-armed opponent fires at me tat-tat-tat. I fire back pop-pop-pop. Think of a real life situation. Smug enemy from pillbox fires .50 caliber HMG at you, you fire back with automatic 40mm chain linked grenade launcher. LOL.
  5. There is supposed to be a 15% power up for Orkans. It doesn’t feel powered up at all. Some more testing is probably necessary.


Strategies post-Update 2.9

  • I am testing out a Tulumas-armed Rogatka. If Rogatka armed with Orkan is a blitzkrieg-like combo of speed and firepower, a Tulumbas-Rog would look like speedy-nasty with added range. For players who feel that War Robots was moving towards overemphasis on heavy (in a bad way) since the introduction of Lancelot and subsequently the heavy shooting Western bots like Butch, then a Tulumbas-Rog might be a move back towards clever witty play that emphasises movement, penetration and capturing beacons.
  • I am also testing out Galahad with 2x Pins and 1x Tulumbas. Galahad is also extremely fast like Rogatka so this is really about penetration and flanking. Picture stadium at Shenzhen map. Imagine hitting campers from beside and behind.


Additional note:

Gekko got buffed again with a 20% power up. This is what Pixonic says

Compared to other “camper” weapons Gekko is a relatively healthy one due to its non-bursty nature. Once Gekko focuses on you, you always have some time to react, either by quickly taking a cover or simply turning around, like: “Alright, definitely not going this way”.

On the flipside, this exact trait turns out to be the Gekko’s greatest weakness. It’s a weapon best suited for suppression, but what’s the point of it your opponent can simply ignore you? You bite like a thousand small lizards… which are taking turns one after another. It’ll probably be a while until these do any significant harm. Now Gekko turns into a slightly larger reptile.

Sounds alright to me except Gekko just had a 15% boost back in Update 2.5. If it enjoys such a power up within a short span, there must be something wrong with it so players are really not adopting it.


War Robots tactics: how to deal with shielded, fast-moving bots

Tactics to deal with shielded robots like Lancelot; leading your shots for jumpers, fast movers like Rogatka. Tactics pretty good up to Expert League. I don’t know what the Champion’s League players are using. War Robots is a game by Pixonic.


Ancile Shield versus Thunder: Roll with the punch

What do you do when you encounter a Thunder-Lancelot, a Thunder-Leo or a Thunder-Carnage?

Thunder is a shotgun-like weapon. It’s unfair advantage is deadly firepower at very close range. If you are operating any robot with an Ancile shield, your unfair advantage is your temporary protection against Thunder.

From your adversary’s point of view, he will press his advantage by charging forward for maximum advantage to Thunder.

Your tactic: ‘roll with the punch’ by moving backwards. Maintain if not widen the distance between both bots. This will reduce his unfair advantage while emphasising your own unfair advantage over him.

Note: I have an Ancilot armed with Tarans. It is common to encounter Lancelots armed with Thunder and twin-Orkans. Rolling with the punch works very well. Occasionally I encounter Carnage armed with twin-Thunders bearing down on me. I find that at very close distance, fire from the pair of Tarans cannot focus or converge on a Carnage charging in at high speed. Roll with the punch by backing so that you can fire more accurately. While Thunder-Carnages are frighteningly effective, they can’t take much damage and Taran is the most effective weapon against Carnage.


2-0n-1 flanking with any Lancelot/Galahad

What do you do when you encounter robots that are shielded?

Lancelot and Galahad are robots armed with physical shields. These shields protect their frontal arc so the most effective way to attack them is from the rear or flanks.

Lancelot frontal arc

Lancelot frontal arc

In a 1-on-1 encounter especially between two robots of the same kind, it becomes a silly time-wasting ‘who-is-higher-level’ duel. If you have a teammate with you, this is how you can play to put your teammate in a more effective role.

Tactic A: Lancelot adversary charges at your teammate. Move your bot away from your teammate to flank the Lancelot. This is the quickest way to end the match fast – by hitting the non-shielded parts. With some luck, your adversary might even hesitate/get confused/ get disoriented thereby exposing his flanks and rear to both you and your teammate.

Tactic B: Lancelot adversary charges at you. Move your bot so that you pivot your adversary’s flank or rear to your teammate. You sacrifice, teammate gets the sweet end of the deal, battle ends quickly.

Common mistake: 2 players stand side-by-side both hitting the adversary’s frontal arc. This is a time-consuming process that does not guarantee a win.

War Robot tactics for two against shielded adversary

War Robot tactics for two against shielded adversary | U – You, T – Teammate, F – Front, R-Rear


Best method to hit jumpers and runners

What is the most effective way to shoot at jumping, fast moving targets?

The Russian Death Button Griffin i.e. 2x Pins & 2 x Tulumbas is my favourite Griffin setup I have two in my hangar. It’s a great support robot that can play an awesome role in Shenzhen, Dead City and Power Plant maps. I have a discussion here on the Dead City.

My favourite type of play is when two of the same robots come together in a battle of wits. This is the kind of play I like best especially in the sniper role – however Russian DB versus Russian DB gives me that feeling as well.

So you encounter a Russian DB looking at you and you are looking at him. He’s waiting to shoot his load and you are ready to empty yours. Best thing to do is to make a feint to make him to jump. Yeah it’s hard to reach him when he’s in the air but he is most vulnerable when he just landed. There is a second or two when he can’t move so if you can anticipate where he is landing, that second or two is just the perfect time for Pins and Tulumbas rockets to fly through the air.

Note: It’s the same way to hit fast bots like Gareth, Stalker or Rogatka. Don’t hit them where they are, hit them where you expect them to be 2 seconds later.

Here is an excellent illustration from Wargaming.net.

Leading your shots to hit moving target

Leading your shots to hit moving target | Credit: Wargaming.net

Tactic: Hit them where you expect them to be, not where they are.